Pop Art Booklet Layout Design
I designed and printed an informational booklet about the Pop Art movement.
Swimwear Catalog Site Interface
Sample catalog site design and prototype for fictional swimwear company.
Hand-Coded Responsive Website
A temporary personal portfolio website that I coded myself in CSS, HTML & Javascript
Pike Place Market Wayfinding App
A proposal and prototype for an Augmented Reality Wayfinding mobile app for the Pike Place Market in Seattle, WA.
Rowan Institute Identity System
I designed the branding, logo and website for a science communication start-up.
Waitrate App Proposal
A proposal and prototype for an app in which restaurant servers and customers can rate each other.
Yogi Tea Ad Illustration
A digitally illustrated proposed ad for tea made entirely with vector art.
SodaStream Brand Style Guide
Layout design for a booklet containing a proposed brand style guide for SodaStream.
Self-promotional Motion Graphic
Motion Graphic made in Adobe AfterEffects with vector art titled "How to Paint Like Lauren Aldrich."
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