I love to create.

And I create a lot. My parents were craftspeople and artists, too; from cooking to block printing, from woodworking to basket weaving, they raised me to make things with my hands. They raised me to be creative.

My first degree was in Fine Art. For years, I created oil paintings and mixed media pieces in my home art studio. I sold them in a variety of venues, while supporting myself as a fine-dining server and freelance artist.

When I eventually went back to school to gain another degree, this time in Graphic Design, I knew it was the right move. I feel like I have finally found my true calling, my happy place. Design scratches that creative itch for me. I find it deeply satisfying, like solving a complex puzzle. I love the process of it, the order, the careful thinking, the creative problem solving... and of course, the colors! 


In the photo here, I am holding the packaging for the first toy I got to design in my role as a Graphic Designer for an Amazon seller's toy brand: the Unicorn Play Tent. When I saw my design go into mass-production, when I saw it for sale on Amazon with the listing graphics I had designed, and saw the company's followers post pictures of their kids playing in the unicorn tent I had illustrated, my heart felt so full I thought it would burst. 

Visual design feels rewarding to me in a way that leaves me hungry and eager for more. Will you feed me my next design challenge? 



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