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I love to create.

And I create a lot. My parents were craftspeople and artists, too; from cooking to block printing, from woodworking to basket weaving, they raised me to make things with my hands. They raised me to be creative.

My first degree was in Fine Art. For years, I created oil paintings and mixed media pieces in my home art studio. I sold them in a variety of venues, while supporting myself as a fine-dining server and freelance artist.

When I eventually went back to school to gain another degree, this time in Graphic Design, I knew it was the right move. I feel like I have finally found my true calling, my happy place. Design scratches that creative itch for me. I find it deeply satisfying, like solving a complex puzzle. I love the process of it, the order, the careful thinking, the creative problem solving... and of course, the colors! 


In the photo here, I am holding the packaging for the first toy I got to design in my role as a Graphic Designer for an Amazon seller's toy brand: the Unicorn Play Tent. When I saw my design go into mass-production, when I saw it for sale on Amazon with the listing graphics I had designed, and saw the company's followers post pictures of their kids playing in the unicorn tent I had illustrated, my heart felt so full I thought it would burst. 

Visual design feels rewarding to me in a way that leaves me hungry and eager for more. Will you feed me my next design challenge? 

Lauren Aldrich and her Unicorn Play Tent
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karen predmore pic.jpeg

Lauren joined my team during a hectic and crazy time. I was continually impressed by her ability to make sense of the madness - and always with an even keeled demeanor and sense of humor and grace. Even though our market was not one she was familiar with, she was able to absorb our brand guidelines and quickly put out work that was on brand. She took direction well and always came back with more than I asked of her. Qualities I loved about Lauren: She asked great questions, she turned out work that I asked for PLUS she pushed the boundaries with a "I tried this, and this too" solution, she is an animation wizard, highly organized, unphased by chaos, and a really solidly nice genuine human being. I would highly recommend her for anyone's team.

- Karen Predmore

Senior Design Manager at MSR

adrienne schofhauser pic.jpeg

Lauren is absolutely impressive! The creativity and technical skills she possesses truly elevated our work in exciting ways. We were thrilled to see her bring our ideas to life through innovative solutions--and to see the inventive ideas that she brought to the table. She's a rock star at all-things digital. She learns brand guidelines quickly. Her brain is always ticking and she's able to adapt quickly. Plus, she's a pleasure to work with. She felt invested in our brand and our team and I couldn't be more delighted to recommend her.

- Adrienne Schofhauser

Messaging & Content Strategist, Senior Copywriter at MSR

amber norell pic.jpeg

I had the pleasure of working alongside Lauren on multiple marketing projects. Lauren's talent for graphic and product design, video creation and animation is unparalleled. Lauren is excellent at providing suggestions on scope for improvement, great at collaborating with a team and quick to implement changes.


Her turnaround time on assets is impressive and she's very receptive to implementing new practices to streamline asset production further. Lauren's collaborative nature, talent, attention to detail and contributions to the creative department significantly helped the marketing department improve reach and conversion. She is truly a gem and comes highly recommended.

- Amber Norell

Marketing Manager at Kaliber Global

cristin frank pic.jpeg

Lauren approaches projects with a level of creative cleverness that is above and beyond. Her success can easily be seen in the level of engagement and social sharing of her motion graphics, and the industry awards given to her product designs. Lauren also stepped up into a brand spokesperson role where she presented highly authentic product demos. She is truly a natural who knows her brand, her products and most importantly her consumers. Her talent, efficiencies and personality put her above the rest.

- Cristin Frank

Marketing Operations at Kaliber Global

kendal sparks pic.jpeg

Lauren is a wonderful designer and employee. She ... demonstrated her abilities to produce large quantities of graphics in tight deadlines, create rapidly during our busiest seasons, and be versatile, designing everything from e-commerce marketing images to motion graphics. This versatility stems from her drive to be a better designer with every opportunity. Lauren’s creativity, production and passion made her a valuable team member. I know she will be an asset anywhere she goes.

- Kendal Sparks

Senior Graphic Designer at Kaliber Global

justin kenna pic.jpeg

If you are asking yourself whether or not you should hire Lauren, the answer is, yes. 100% yes. She is a powerhouse creative that can slam projects out like a boss. She’s passionate, yet abiding, creative & supportive. If you are looking for a positive force in the workplace, look no further than here.

- Justin Kenna

Graphic Designer & Photographer at Kaliber Global

jonah von spreeken pic.jpeg

I’d jump at the chance to work with Lauren again. Not only is she a dynamic graphic designer, product designer, and illustrator, but she’s also got an arsenal of motion design skills that come in pretty handy in a fast-paced working environment.


In an epic Q4, I saw Lauren take the reins of our social media output and knock it out of the park: creating clever, engaging content that drove followers to purchase our products. Additionally, her glowing personality made her the perfect person to step up to bat as our on-camera brand ambassador, hosting live events on Facebook, Instagram and Amazon Live.


She’s a true collaborator, a trusted team member and an all-around amazing person to work alongside. (Bonus tidbit: Lauren knows good coffee, and if you’re lucky, she might just make you a cup of the best joe you ever had.)

- Jonah Von Spreeken

Copy Writer & Marketing Specialist at Kaliber Global


As new business owners, it was important for us to get our branding in place and set the right tone for our company. A trusted friend recommended Lauren, and, in looking at her site, we felt that she definitely had the skills and the creativity that we needed.


Lauren is much more than a "Graphic Designer;" she is a "Visual Brand Designer." The distinction is important because she has her pulse on current trends as well as classic design strategies, and will create everything you need from the logo, to collateral to video marketing. She provides guidance to ensure that your vision is realized while remaining relevant. We are blessed that we found Lauren, and excited to know that we can rely on her in the future to keep our brand alive

- Cynthia Williams

Co-Owner | Forus Properties

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