I create captivating content for your brand.

Below you will find examples of digital marketing material that I created following a very specific brand style for MSR Gear in spring of 2020.

Below that, you will find a variety of digital brand content that I created for Kaliber Global in 2019. 

Social media ad created from static photos with added text animations, created by Lauren Aldrich for Kaliber Global in 2019. 



I consider myself to be a highly-adaptable designer.

My most recent design role was with MSR: Mountain Safety Research, a serious, respectable, and legendary outdoor brand based out of Seattle, WA, my hometown. On day one of that job, my sole responsibility was to read and absorb their extensive brand style guide.


While this role contrasted with my previous role at a toy company with a loose and playful style, I was able to take on the MSR look and feel quickly, and create digital marketing material that falls well within the brand's aesthetic. Not only that, but brought in new visual styles and forms of marketing material (namely promotional video and motion graphics), that even the most seasoned MSR designer agreed were representative of the brand. Here are some examples. 

Lauren is absolutely impressive! The creativity and technical skills she possesses truly elevated our work in exciting ways. We were thrilled to see her bring our ideas to life through innovative solutions--and to see the inventive ideas that she brought to the table. She's a rock star at all-things digital. She learns brand guidelines quickly. Her brain is always ticking and she's able to adapt quickly. Plus, she's a pleasure to work with. She felt invested in our brand and our team and I couldn't be more delighted to recommend her.

- Adrienne Schofhauser

Messaging & Content Strategist, Senior Copywriter at MSR


I designed these multi-slide static Instagram Stories using existing lifestyle photography commissioned by MSR, and copy provided by MSR's senior copy writer. She and I often worked together to dial in the imaging and copy to best represent the desired message and CTA.

Here is an Instagram Story and promotional video ad that I made with help from the marketing team. MSR had not implemented video in their digital marketing before my time on the team. 



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Force1 Banner
Force1 Banner
Force1 Email Banner part 1
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Enhanced Brand Content for Collapsible Straws sold on Amazon
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