I have a distinct passion for motions graphics. I absolutely love making things move in captivating ways.  Please scroll down to view some of my favorite motion graphic creations. 

Logo animation + logo design by Lauren Aldrich for Forus Properties. Summer 2020


From the moment my talented instructor Nathan Heal showed me the ropes in Adobe After Effects, I was hooked on motion graphics. Since then, I have taught myself more and more as I go along, taking online courses in Lynda and SkillShare as needed. 


In various roles as a graphic designer, I have helped my clients and employers enhance their online presence by adding motion graphics to their posts, Stories, ads, and existing video content. As it is well known, video is “king” in today’s online world. It is proven that a video post captures more engagement than a static post. 

In my role at a toy company, I incorporated motion graphics into many product videos for their Amazon listings, as well as their social media feeds, ads and Stories. The marketing manager Amber Norell had this to say about my contributions: 

I had the pleasure of working alongside Lauren on multiple marketing projects. Lauren's talent for graphic and product design, video creation and animation is unparalleled. Lauren is excellent at providing suggestions on scope for improvement, great at collaborating with a team and quick to implement changes.


Her turnaround time on assets is impressive and she's very receptive to implementing new practices to streamline asset production further. Lauren's collaborative nature, talent, attention to detail and contributions to the creative department significantly helped the marketing department improve reach and conversion. She is truly a gem and comes highly recommended.

The marketing operations manager, Cristin Frank, also spoke to my abilities with these words: 

Lauren approaches projects with a level of creative cleverness that is above and beyond. Her success can easily be seen in the level of engagement and social sharing of her motion graphics, and the industry awards given to her product designs. Lauren also stepped up into a brand spokesperson role where she presented highly authentic product demos. She is truly a natural who knows her brand, her products and most importantly her consumers. Her talent, efficiencies and personality put her above the rest.

No matter the brand or product, I am confident that I can contribute an element of dynamism to your video content. 




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